UEFA awards the match to Serbia over Albania, 3 points are deducted

UEFA Albania 3 points are deducted

UEFA deducted the three points from Serbia due to the violence of discipline in a European Championship qualifier in Belgrade last week.

The source reveals that the Serbian team violated the rules of discipline, although they won the match over Albania by 3-0 but their three points were deducted and now they have to play 2 more games in closed stadium.

The game was stopped because the Albanian nationalist banner was thrown into the arena by a drone, causing fighting among players and fans in the stadium and then the official asked to stop the football match.

According to the source after this incident the disciplinary body decided that the match be awarded to Serbia as a 3-0 penalization but then also taken or deducted their three points added by a win.

The Serbian team will play its next two matches without its fans in their close stadium and their next match is against Denmark on 14th November. The source reveals that Albanian and Serbian football associations both are fined 100,000 Swiss Francs.

According to the source during the qualifying match of“Euro 2016” in Belgrade the droned angled a flag of Albanian and it was the main cause of dispute. Now the Albanian team is asking for appeal against this verdict.

The president of Albanian Football Federation “Armand Duka” says that he considers this match as wining match and he likely the game to be granted to them as a success.He is disillusioned because they were claiming a legal verdict from UEFA. He does not understand what precedent this may set when a squad physically beats the opposing players on the pitch. He does not know if there is a greater scandal than this.

Artan Hajdari the Albanian lawyer also hopes that their appeal would be accepted by UEFA.