“Real Madrid are probably the best in the world” saysBrendan Rodgers

Real Madrid are probably the best in the world

Liverpool team manager Brendan Rodgers believes that Real Madrid is the best team in the world and on the other side his own side’s defensive infirmities have been extravagant.

In last match against Real, the Liverpool team was defeated by 3-0 at field. Ronaldo and Benzema scored great goals for the team. Now they will face the world best team on Tuesday, at the moment the team scored 21 goals in 15 games in all competitions this season. He says that it is nowhere close as depraved as people make out.

The former Northern Irish football player and manager declares that he think they showed in the previous game, although the score was 3-0, they can still have moments when they can hurt Real Madrid and that will be the idea.

According to the source they are positively not approaching there as a team predictable to lose and then look at the other games as games to be eligible.For them, they see it as an opportunity. They still very much have qualification in their hands.

They are maybe the best team in the world at the moment and they really look forward to big games, the team is included the best striker Daniel Sturridge in his squad which moved to the Spanish capital. The 41 year old manager says that when the team comes up beside the best challengers, that is the contest and what makes it perform to its best.