Manchester United will recover in three years, says Louis van Gaal

Louis van Gaalthe manager of Dutch teamis showing his hopes that the team “ Manchester United ” will take three years to reach its full potential and be the successful team.

The manager also says in his interview that that isn’t good enough, but the team is in a process, as he had said from the start. The entire procedure shall take more than one year or it could be take three years.

According to the source after defeating 1-0 to Manchester City, the team has taken just 13 points from their starting the 10 games and it is the team’s most terrible start to a league promotion since 1986. The 63 year old former Netherlands coach declares that they don’t need to operate on someone special that is a break always with these injuries, he cannot alter that.

The English soccer club has broken the record of British assignment as well, as signing Angel DI Maria, an Argentine professional forward footballer; he signed the contract for £ 59.7 million in the summertime. The team has some other unexpected players who can change the result of game on any time, as Wayne Rooney, Antonio Valencia, Robin Van Persie and Marcos Rojo.