The star Wayoosi’s 6-months-old daughter died from drug overdose

The Kumawood star Wayoosi’s six month old baby died due to drug overdose.she was mostly called Nhyira. She died on Thursday, October 13 dawn.

The spokesperson for the family, who confirmed the news to early Thursday:

Eugene Moratt, said she died of drug overdose. Wayoosi called me on Sunday to inform me that the child is unwell. She was allergic to a drug. I advised them to take her to Kufour Hospital because looking according to him, the illness was serious.

When I went in the hospital on Monday, baby could not open her eyes but when I went yesterday (Wednesday, October 12), doctors had put oxygen on her, they were trying to wash an unwanted medicine which they gave her from the body.

When I asked the doctor what happened and he answered that they are investigating into the matter because they gave wrong medicine for the baby’s sickness.

The dosage was also too much for the six month old child. They gave her 5ml instead of 2.5ml.

Eugene Moratt was telling the sad incident to

Wayoosi informed me approximately 1am (Thursday, October 13 “that she is no more.”