Joes Mourinho says he can improve Bertrand Bailly

Eric Bertrand Bailly is a best player of English club Manchester from the place of Ivory Coast and he is a defender and plays as a centre-back player.

Joes Mourinho is a Portuguese professional football manager and also a former football player.And he says that he can develop Bailly into a top class defender like a best player as Varane who is a French footballer and plays for Spanish club as a central defender.

Varane began his football at his early age when he was just seven years old.He showed his unique talent during his first training in France.

He gave the team Liga and The Spanish super Club.And he is a versatile player he can play as a defender and as a defensive midfielder.So it will not be an easy task for Bailly to compete Varane because he had struggled a lot and now he is fully skilled.

So Mourinho will work so hard to improve Bailly and after a long term of struggle Bailly will appear like a best football player.