David Oscar would love to date Yvonne Nelson

David Oscar would love to date Yvonne Nelson

David Oscar shows his desires and he claims he is not into any kind of relationship with any lady, but he would like to date Yvonne Nelson.

Speaking in his exclusive interview David Oscar mentions that as for Helen Asante, he has a big crush on her and he’s told her before. He told her when they were film interns back in the day.

The great singer David Oscar has affection for actress Yvonne Nelson. Yvonne was the second lady Oscar mentioned on his list saying, as he says that Yvonne Nelson has to be on that list because he admires her from distance.

Ought to any chance arise for him to propose to any of his colleague feminine celebrities within the Ghanaians industry, as he has 3 decisions.

In associate exclusive one-on-one interview on Pulse TV, the “Get There One Day” singer disclosed that he already features a ‘big crush’ on petite role player mythical being Asante.

According to the source David Oscar also likes Lydia as she has heavy body. The way she has big things, if he gets her, they will do big things.