July, 2016


Paul Pogba is thinking to join Utd

Paul Labile Pogba is a French professional footballer who plays for an Atalian club which is called javentus and he is in France National team. Paul will be taking a step back if he joins Manchester United. Massimiliano is also saying that it will like turning back for Paul if he returns to Utd. Javentus has reminded Pogba that they can offer Paul Pogba a great deal and a chance to win the champions league this time and they claim to compete the Europa League.And Javentus are so hopefull havingRead More

Joes Mourinho says he can improve Bertrand Bailly

Eric Bertrand Bailly is a best player of English club Manchester from the place of Ivory Coast and he is a defender and plays as a centre-back player. Joes Mourinho is a Portuguese professional football manager and also a former football player.And he says that he can develop Bailly into a top class defender like a best player as Varane who is a French footballer and plays for Spanish club as a central defender. Varane began his football at his early age when he was just seven years old.He showedRead More

Michael Essien had a huge lose

The great Star Michael Essien is suddenly lost his good bonus of €500,000 because he will not set to play65% of Panathinakos’ matches which were to be held officially. The base of news brings the report that the midfielder of Ghana sings a pleasant contract with the top-flight specifies that he will earn €700,000 in bonuses if the club outshines in the league when the season ends. But the player would not be able to play 65% of the matches of the club by the end of the season andRead More