October, 2014


Senzo Meyiwa dies after shot in Johannesburg at 27

Senzo Meyiwa South African football player

Senzo Meyiwa lost his life after being shot by the killer just at 27. Police declare that two robbers entered in his house and he was shot while saving his girlfriend Kelly Khumalo. The police department still investigates for the killers and about 150,000 Rand reward declared for the person who provides any information leading to an arrest. According to the statement of the police it is mentioned that Police said two men entered Khumalo’s house in the Township at about 8 pm local time and there were seven peopleRead More

For once, SAFA gets it right | No decision on Ghana hosting Afcon 2015

Ghana Flag

As it stands, South Africa will not be playing last-minute host to the 2014 Africa Cup of Nations Afcon. While hosting tournament like this can be profitable, it is not feasible for South Africa this time around. They have said no to being the big brother and for once, South African Football Association SAFA have made the right decision. While the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations Afcon hangs in the balance due to Morocco’s trepidation over hosting it, South Africa have made it clear that they will not be theRead More

UEFA awards the match to Serbia over Albania, 3 points are deducted

UEFA Albania 3 points are deducted

UEFA deducted the three points from Serbia due to the violence of discipline in a European Championship qualifier in Belgrade last week. The source reveals that the Serbian team violated the rules of discipline, although they won the match over Albania by 3-0 but their three points were deducted and now they have to play 2 more games in closed stadium. The game was stopped because the Albanian nationalist banner was thrown into the arena by a drone, causing fighting among players and fans in the stadium and then theRead More

Ebola AFCON: Michel Platini requires CAF apology

Michel Platini the UEFA

Michel Platini the UEFA president is looking very hard to please assistant degree regret, once the Confederation of continent soccer evaluated him for comments on the staging of the Africa Cup of states. The president insists that his comments are misjudged. On the other side CAF declares that assistant degree apology to Platini won’t be forthcoming. The CUP will come very soon but many other disturbances also come in the way as many players appealing to cancel the tournament due to Ebola Disease. However, according to the associates the cupRead More

Alex Song also appeals for AFCON 2015 to be cancelled

Cameroon's Alex Song

OMG… another player wants to cancel this great tournament. Cameroon’s Alex Song is asking CAF to cancel AFCON 2015 due to Ebola disease,the source reveals that. The source reveals that Song claimed on Friday that this is a very dangerous Ebola virus that already took many lives yet. They don’t have to take more risk. They have to give priority to lives than football matches. The 27 year old Cameroon soccer player is on loan at West Ham from Barcelona at the moment. The Africa Cup of Nations will playRead More

Vincent Enyeama appeals to cancel the AFCON…why???

Vincent Enyeama Vincent Enyeama the Nigerian goalkeeper

The goalkeeper, who is a competitor for qualification with the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is troubled regarding the deadly virus being passed on in Morocco and has known as on the competition to be shelved. Vincent Enyeama the Nigeria goalkeeper has appealed with the Confederation of African soccer (CAF) to think about cancelling January’s Africa Cup of states attributable to the chance of Ebola being unfolded at the tournament. The virus has killed thousands of individuals in Africa since the happening began earlier in 2014 and the area unit fearsRead More

Ebola virus is deadly disease, how to preserve ourselves, as in AFCON?

Ebola and its Symptoms | AFCON

This deadly virus is a member of the Filoviridae family of RNA worms that causes an often incurable disease in humans called Ebola hemorrhagic fever, it spread very slowly but its infection kills the person. Ebola Virus: The recent epidemic of the ebola virus has curved national attention on this fatal disease. Called after the Ebola River in Africa, Ebola hemorrhagic temperature (Ebola HF)marks human,apes and has emerged occasionally since its first arrival in 1976. The disease appears to be inherent to the African continent and this disease has actedRead More

Nigerias Vincent enyeama calls for cancellation of AFCON 2015

Nigerian goalkeeper and captain, Vincent Enyeama has urged CAF to call off next year’s African Cup of Nations (AFCON) due to fears of the deadly Ebola virus Nigerias calls for cancellation of AFCON 2015 . The Lille custodian insists that it will be “risky for everyone” who will step foot in Morocco. I really wish it does not happen with all the people that will be moving around. Nigerias calls for cancellation of AFCON 2015 ,In Europa league,the 34 year old told the Dailymail.com briefly after his Lille club drewRead More

What The Uefa president recommended CAF?

Confederation of African

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has slammed Uefa president Michel Platini for giving his opinion on whether or not the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) ought to be known as off over Ebola fever fears. During a televised discussion on Sunday, the Frenchman questioned whether or not the tournament – regular to be command between Gregorian calendar month seventeen and Feb eight next year –ought to be deferred as a result of the occurrence of the virus in geographic area. “In Morocco they’re right to raise themselves regarding the organisation –Read More

The minister tweeted Hosting Afcon 2015 is a no-no | Afcon 2015

If Morocco withdraws South Africa isn’t ready to host so Africa Cup of Nations(AFCON) is a no no in January 2015 because of the Ebola epidemic. The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has reportedly approached Ghana,South Africa and five other countries ahead of a November 2 meeting to decide on the future of the continent’s premier football event.So the hosting of afcon 2015 is a no no. Hosting-Afcon-2015-is-no-no   The minister tweeted: “Hosting Afcon is a no-no.” He told the media that the country had a responsibility to help fightRead More